Corporate Law

Our team provides legal consultancy for the entire establishment of a company including the entrepreneur’s and startup company formations, the on-going corporate and commercial projects of both foreign and Turkish based companies.

Daily Corporate Works

Our team is engaged in day-to-day issues of the company in terms of corporate based procedures, labor law and commercial contracts. We assist our clients by providing corporate secretarial services and advice in relation to corporate governance matters.

Personal Data Protection

Our team establishes tailor made action plans regarding the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698. Our experienced lawyers support clients by organizing their legal and administrative needs that can vary according to the fields of activity, business processes and conducts the compliance process of data protection from start to finish.

conduct the compliance process of data protection from start to finish. The mentioned legal services include the preparation and realisation of:

– Privacy Policy

– Letter of Enlightment for Personal Data Processing

– Retention and Destruction Policy

– Personal Data Inventory

– Registration of Data Controller to VERBIS

– Tailor-made Trainings to Members of Data Controller

– Guidance for IT Measures on Data Security

Energy & Infrastructure

Our attorneys have participated in major energy and infrastructure projects in Turkey. We vast wide experience within the energy industry from the establishment, licence procedures and compliance with the local laws in relation to the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.

Renewable Energy

Besides nuclear energy, our attorneys are experienced in renewable energy legislation. We would be very pleased to assist you on incentives provided by the government with respect to clean energy generation and electricity sales agreements along with licensing procedures.

E-Commerce Law

With the growth of the e-commerce and online marketing, new legislation and legal procedures has been adapted in Turkey. With respect to e-commerce law, we advise our clients on the aspects of privacy and data protection, e-money, licensing, web sites and mobile applications including the regulatory and compliance matters.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our firm offers advice to companies, entrepreneurs, international organizations and government entities on managing their risks in relation to events which may give rise to potential disputes.

Our firm further provides advice to our clients in relation to building and executing strategies in relation to litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution proceedings with an aim to reach the optimum result intended by our clients.

Family Law

Our team provides advice and legal services on all aspects of separation, recognition of the conditions and consequences of divorce, inheritance, property sharing, property regimes, adoption, custody, child’s right to alimony as well as recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions.

Work Permit & Residence Permit

Our team advises the clients on every aspect of Turkish Immigration Law and its requirements including the obtainment of the work permits and residence permits.

Our attorneys who are fluent in English and Spanish understand the clients’ needs and respond quickly and effectively to them through communicating concisely in their language.

Real Estate

Our team advice to property owners, investors, contractors, financiers, funds, asset management and development companies, in relation to the acquisition, development, leasing/renting and disposal of commercial property in Turkey in all matters related to real estate law, including real estate development, land purchase and sale, long-term lease agreements, title registration and disputes, construction loans and financing.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our team provides legal consultancy services in investment procedures for both seller and buyer sides, share purchase and shareholder agreements, creation of joint-ventures and drafting joint-venture agreements to wide range of clients.

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